Villa Park MED & SPA to najlepszy Hotel Spa w Ciechocinku – dwa baseny, własna tężnia, duża strefa Saltaris Spa. Zobacz najnowsze promocje – zapraszamy!


Preludium Restaurant

In classical music a preludium is an introduction to symphonic elation. At the Preludium Restaurant we have tried to shift this concept to the realm of culinary art.

In the menu you will find Polish and international dishes alongside specially composed Wellness propositions. At weekends we invite you for live music evenings.

We invite you to see the menu and the offer of the Preludium Restaurant.

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Cafe Swing

Mellow music, the warm flame of the fireplace, cosy decoration accompanied by aromatic coffee, desserts, homemade cake and a wide selections of beverages, wines and spirits.

Cafe Swing is a perfect place for a brief stop during an eventful day or for an evening chill-out in the finest company.

When outside it gets dark, it is right here that the heart of our hotel beats.

Wellness coctails

  • Joghurt, strawberries, banana, chia
    (restores microbial flora, richness of vitamins and fibre)
    15 PLN
  • Spinach, pear, lemon
    (rich in iron, detoxifies the body, supports thyroid function)
    15 PLN
  • Pineapple, joghurt, flaxseed
    (Omega 3 source, supports brain and heart functions, accelerates metabolic process)
    15 PLN
  • Cucumber, apple, celery, kale
    (deacidizes the body, neutralizes toxins)
    15 PLN